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The popularity of different games of that country

The chart shows that the percentage of supporters of different games

Of that country. It discloses that football has the most proponents of all other

Games of that country. This game has 4o% supporters, the highest among

The supporters of the five games shown in the pie chart. The second position

Is cricket with 3o% supporters. Next comes badminton. It holds the third position

With 2o% followers. Chess and golf have the lowest adherent. It has 5% of disciples who are

Not remarkable. Chess is a very committed indoor game.

Everybody feels unusual game like golf.

But the popularity of cricket is not less as it has 3o% adherents.

Only 5% of devotees have golf which is a very unusual game of golf.

In fine, it can be said that the people of a country

Are fond of games or sports.


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