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Modesty makes us a great person

To make life useful and successful every man should have some

Extraordinary qualities. Modesty is one of them. It is a quality that makes

Our life valuable and powerful. He seldom faces unacceptable

The obstacle in life. He is sure to prosper in life. A man having such quality

Leads to a happy and orderly life.

Modesty signifies moral sensibilities. It flashes our human power and

Reflects our mind. Thus it enlightens our mental faculty by changing

The mode of the leading life in accordance with rules.

Modesty is necessary for every sphere of our life. Every success depends

On it. Without this quality, people become quarrelsome and create chaos.

thus society turns into a field of war. If we make a list of successful person,

We will find that their glorious success consists in modesty.  We will also find

That this extraordinary quality helps them to make

Their life successful, fruitful and inspires them to do many things for the

The welfare of mankind. Therefore our civilisation has been advanced so

Far. The importance of modesty can not be described in word. It has great

Influence both in our life and society. But for it society becomes lifelessly,

Mankind becomes helpless and in this way people in society turn into useless

Everybody feels boredom. This is why, it is valued more than any other

Kind of wealth or property. No other kind of wealth which brings great reward For human life in all branches of life

Is impossible without education. No doubt, it is the great possession of life. In spite of being mental faculty and

Invisible quality modesty has a great influence on human



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