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Passing rates in four major subjects of the students of a school

The pie chart shows the passing rates of the students in a school in four major subjects. It reveals that the rate of mathematics tops the chart with 87% passing. English and Bengal jointly hold the second-highest position in the chart with 2% below the rate than mathematics, the highest rate holding subject. Then comes the lowest passing subject. Here in the chart, the lowest passing subject is science which is 65% in the chart and the rate of only 65% which is notably 20% less than the second lowest rate in Bangla and English. If we look into this statistics in an analytical perspective. It will be apparently stated that the fluctuations of the passing rates in English. Bangla and science is neither alarming nor satisfactory at all. But the result of science is not only highly alarming but also dissatisfactory in all the respect. So, the reason of failure in the subjects particularly in science should immediately be found out and effective initiatives have to be taken to overcome the problems accordingly.


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