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A book is the symbol of liberty

A book fair is a place where different kinds of books are sold and displayed. It is arranged by book publishers and booksellers every year. A book fair is a source of information. Men, children of all classes gathered at the book fair. Bangla academe organizes a book fair every year on the occasion of the International Mother language day on its compound. Students, teachers, and educated persons visited the book fair to buy books and broaden their outlook. Many organisations arrange a book fair every year. Whenever, I entered the fair premises, I was really pleased at the calm and quiet environment. I saw book lovers humming in the stalls without any trouble. Books of different categories like fictions, novels, dramas, poems etc. There was also a children’s pavilion where books of fairies tells, fables, cartons were sold. I bought many books from the book fair. I was really pleased with such an initiative and I hope it will uphold our culture in the arena of world literature. The stalls are sitting in rows. We went around the whole vast area of the book fair. Every student and every educated person should visit a book fair to broaden their knowledge.  Last year, I went to a book fair with my elder brother. A book fair helps to broaden our kingdom of knowledge and helps to promote cultural attitude. Hundreds of publishers and sellers take part in the book fair. Occasionally, writers and poets come to visit the book fair. Besides, the famous publisher also organizes a book fair.


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