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scientific elements have made human life easier

We cannot imagine our life without science. It is associated with us greatly. Modern life cannot be thought without science. It has made our life easier an comfortable. We feel sound because of its so many gifts. They have removed our human sufferings to a great extent.

We see numerous blessing of science in our daily life. Electricity, Motor vehicles, Domestic appliances, radar, computer have made our life easier and comfortable. Science has relived human sufferings. Electricity is the wonderful creation of modern science. With it, we can run home appliances, Mils, Factories and various kinds of machines. Without it, life would come to standstill.

Now, we can travel any place of the world vehicle Fast moving vehicles like motor, bus, cars, trains and aeroplanes have saved our time. we can travel miles after miles within a Short Span of time. Concorde plane can take us from Bangladesh to Newark, even, in two hours. Actually, vehicles have given us speed in our life. education has been made easier by the goodness of science. The printing press has made books cheap and available to the masses. Thousand of books and magazines are printed and widely circulated by scientific means within a very short time. All these spread education among people.

Telephone, telegram, telex wireless work like miracles. Email and Mobile phone have brought out changes in communication. we can now talk to near ones as well as see the persons talking with. The use of computer has done unbelievable advancement in communication. Radio and Television have conquered space, time and object. we see the whole world in our drawing room through dish antenna.

Scientific methods have made cultivation and irrigation easier. Power pump, power trailer have enhanced agricultural activities. Scientific tools have made life long. They have lessened human suffering to a great extent. A modern hospital can not run without the help of modern science. Life saving medicines X-ray, ultrasonography, ECG have made it susceptible to identify disease. We see everywhere influence of science. Its blessings are innumerable and we are blessed with it. We need to make the proper use of science in our practical life


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