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I never forget my experience of publication of a school magazine

A school magazine is a publication of school. It is written, edited and published by the students. It is a mirror of a school. It is very important for students.

A school magazine is a part of education. A school magazine plays an important role in developing the Latent talent of the students. It helps to develop the power of writing. It teaches them to work unitedly.

 It also teaches teachers to be friendly. It widens the students’ outlook. At first, a magazine committee is formed to publish it. Generally, the headmaster is made the president of the committee.

The editor invites writings from the students and teachers. The students and teachers submit their writings. Then, the best writings are collected properly.

And then, The best writings are sent for publication. One copy of the magazine is given free to each student and teacher. The school magazine is published once or twice a year.


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