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Everybody should realize the importance of physical exercise.

We have a body as well as mind. There is an intimate relation between these two.

 A sound body goes with a sound mind. Physicals exercise keeps our body healthy and our mind in proper condition.

 Physicals exercise means a movement of the limbs. It makes one strong and active and keeps one away from diseases.

There are various kinds of physical exercise. Swimming, wrestling, running, walking is good from exercise. Gymnastics and wrestling also a good kind of exercise.

Modern outdoor games like football, cricket, hockey, tennis are also good physical exercise. The village games are the best physical exercise. .

All forms of exercise are not suitable for all men. If a weak man takes part in a game of football or hockey, He will get tired. Such exercise does him more harm than good.

 So, he should take a milder form of exercise. For young men gymnastic, wrestling and outdoor games are very suitable.

There are people who work hard to earn their living. They need not take physical exercise. Again, over-exercise does harm to health.

So, We should always take such exercise as would suit us. .

Physicals exercise are necessary to develop the brain.

A healthy man enjoys life better and has greater happiness. A weak man sees a bear, in every Bush.

He falls an easy prey to disease and death. Many students sit down close to their books and refuse to take any exercise. They are soon seen to decline in health.

They fall a victim to various kinds of diseases, life becomes a burden to them and the world seems to them to be a prison house. Our body is just like an engine.

If it is not puts in regular service, it may be easily spoiled. So, without regular exercise, we cannot expect to enjoy sound health.

We should take some kinds of physical exercise to improve our health.


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