If you want to know about a school library in brief then read it

A Library is a part and parcel of every educational institution. There is a rich library in our school. Our school library is full of educative and text books. It is a well-decorated library. There are 5000 books in our school library.

The students have identity cards to get into the library. There is a big reading room in our school library. There is an expert librarian in our school library. Students come to read to the library during off periods. The librarian helps us with reading. We read different kinds of text or Story books in the library. It needs to be, we take books to our house showing the card.

I spend three hours daily in the school library. Teachers also spend time here. We always keep it neat and clean. The library plays an important role in the education of students. It helps to acquire knowledge. Our library also helps us to acquire knowledge. we are proud of our school library.

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