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The computer is essential for a country but in Bangladesh, It is not yet to be introduced in rural areas

Computer is an electronic machine through which any data can be preserved and output can be received very easily and rapidly. It is a fairly recent invention. It is a wonderful invention of modern science and technology. It is very important in Bangladesh. It has greatly benefited us and brought about revolutionary changes in our life. Computer works wonderfully an effectively. Many are the users of computers.

They help perform the works of the students, doctors, businessmen, publishers, bankers, scientists, interpreters, people working in defence, transport and communication departments. Thus, in almost every fields computer is used. Using computer we get huge benefits. Computers can handle millions of problem in a few seconds. It can solve complex mathematical problems quickly and accurately.

It can also perform many operations at the same time without any confusion. It can play chess or even compose music. This is why, people call it an electronic brain. But unfortunately, in our country especially in remote areas, computers are not yet to be introduced. People are still not efficient to use the computer. To introduce it to the common people, Much emphasis should be given on training of computer and spread of a computer across the country. Up to date computer courses should be introduced as compulsory. All the firm should be computerized. This, the common people will get maximum benefits. Besides, steps should be taken to cheapen the prices of computer. Then, people of all classes can use it easily.


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