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How is food and food habit in Bangladesh!

Bangladesh is an agro based country of South Asia where rice and fish are available. Most of bangalee like fish and boiled rice. Rich grow here vastly.

What is main food for bangalee?

 Rich is our staple food. It is said that we are mache hate bangalee who possess ponds abundant with fish, shed full of cows and granary full of rich. Bangladesh is country of rivers abundant with fishes of various species. We eat pantha that with hilsa  as well. There are a lot of herbal foods in our country. These foods come from different vegetables and fruits. Hence, these are natural foods. we raise livestock and eat their flesh cooking usually and on some occasions. We mainly take three square meals daily.

Comparison food habit as breakfast, lunch and dinar between Bangladesh and another country!

During breakfast city dwellers generally eat bread, fried egg, fried vegetables, tea, biscuits. But the villagers at the same time mainly eat panta bhat to which are introduced in one of my formal letters. The villagers can enjoy fresh vegetables that is almost impossible for the town people. Now the town people are bending to the fast food that is common in your country. A large amount of our people nowadays eat biryani, polao and the like kahi, Muri and chira are well known to our village people. A little portion of our people is bending to thi and Chinese restaurant at present.

What is the contribution foreign food in BD?

 Infact the worldwide influence of globalisation has already began to level the uneven food habit across the world. But we bangalee have been forwarding so long with food and food habbit that originated with our age-old and prestigious culture. I am putting an ending mark here. hope you all are Hale an hearty in your family. I perhaps am coming to visit.


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