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I invite my friend to join a picnic

I have known that you’re annual examination has ended. Our test examination also ended. At present, there is no time for recreation. We are working and leading our life like a machine.  Nobody can meet with their kith and kin without occasion. It is not living like socially.

About the arrangement of a picnic!

 Some of my classmates have decided to go on a picnic at rangamati on Friday next. Our Bengali teacher professor Alam khan will also accompany us.

When and how will we go there?

On Friday at 7:00 o’clock in the morning, We start for rangamati from our college by bus. We shall take all the necessary food stuff, utensils and musical instruments with us. We shall spend the whole day at the site of a picnic and enjoy ourselves freely.

When will we return from rangamati?

After sunset, we shall come back to rangamati by the same bus. We shall be very glad if you, accompany us. We will have a nice time with us to come to our college in the morning on Friday. please bring your camera with you.

This very time people have no time for enjoyment. It will be very harmful to us. For this reason, people will suffer depreciation, application, anxiety etc. It is not a good sign for society.


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