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A rainy ☔ day what I love very much

A rainy day is a day when it rains all day long. On a rainy day, the sky remains cloudy. A flash of lightning is seen and noise of Thunder is heard. Sometimes the heavy wind blows accompanying a shower of rain. Rainy day is taken by different people in a different way. On such a day, the labourers cannot work, Officials cannot go to an office. But the school-goers get a Golden opportunity having a rainy day. They feel very happy as they do not need to go to school. They passed the day by playing indoor games like Hide and seek, ludu, cheese etc. But the poor cannot welcome the day. Because on a rainy day, they cannot earn their bread And butter, and so they have to starve. Even they cannot stay in their dilapidated cottage well as rainwater enters into their living place. In fact, the poor had to pass him miserable life on a rainy day. But the rich enjoy the day having delicious foods and watching movies on DVD. A rainy day is not expected by most the people.


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