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Mother Teresa a big tittle

1 She was born in Skopje, Yugoslavia, on 5 august 27, 1910. Her parents were grocers at that time. Skopje was under the Ottoman empire. At the age of 12, She joined a public school and felt for poor people. 2 In her childhood, she joined a convent-run primary school then a state-run secondary school.Continue reading “Mother Teresa a big tittle”


A rainy ☔ day what I love very much

A rainy day is a day when it rains all day long. On a rainy day, the sky remains cloudy. A flash of lightning is seen and noise of Thunder is heard. Sometimes the heavy wind blows accompanying a shower of rain. Rainy day is taken by different people in a different way. On suchContinue reading “A rainy ☔ day what I love very much”

Bangabundhu satellite- 1

A satellite refers to an artificial body placed in orbit around the earth or another planet in order to collect information or for communication. The Bangabandhu Satellite-1  is the  first  Bangladeshi  geostationary communications satellite. How did the satellite get its name?  The satellite has been named after the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh MujiburContinue reading “Bangabundhu satellite- 1”

I write a letter to my friend about the annual prize given ceremony

Take my love from the core of my heart. I hope you are alright. I am also well. You wanted to know about the prize-giving ceremony at our school. Last Sunday, 20 May was the annual prize given ceremony for academic result and sports. Decoration of school. The function was very colourful. It was heldContinue reading “I write a letter to my friend about the annual prize given ceremony”

I write a letter for my friend who made a good result

First my hearty love to you. I know very well that now you are in an euphoric environment for causing the miracle of having GPA 5 In the last S.S.C examination.  As your nearest Kins man I am no less joyous as well. With a heart full of eagerness I congratulate you on your brilliantContinue reading “I write a letter for my friend who made a good result”

I invite my friend to join a picnic

I have known that you’re annual examination has ended. Our test examination also ended. At present, there is no time for recreation. We are working and leading our life like a machine.  Nobody can meet with their kith and kin without occasion. It is not living like socially. About the arrangement of a picnic!  SomeContinue reading “I invite my friend to join a picnic”

If you want to know about a school library in brief then read it

A Library is a part and parcel of every educational institution. There is a rich library in our school. Our school library is full of educative and text books. It is a well-decorated library. There are 5000 books in our school library. The students have identity cards to get into the library. There is aContinue reading “If you want to know about a school library in brief then read it”

Everybody should realize the importance of physical exercise.

We have a body as well as mind. There is an intimate relation between these two.  A sound body goes with a sound mind. Physicals exercise keeps our body healthy and our mind in proper condition.  Physicals exercise means a movement of the limbs. It makes one strong and active and keeps one away fromContinue reading “Everybody should realize the importance of physical exercise.”

I never forget my experience of publication of a school magazine

A school magazine is a publication of school. It is written, edited and published by the students. It is a mirror of a school. It is very important for students. A school magazine is a part of education. A school magazine plays an important role in developing the Latent talent of the students. It helpsContinue reading “I never forget my experience of publication of a school magazine”

Traffic jams kill our valuable time, do you know about it?

A traffic jam is a long line of motor vehicles on the Road. It is a daily affair both in towns and cities in Bangladesh. Population explosions are the prime cause of this Severe problem. Reckless and careless driving is also a great cause of traffic jam. Overtaking tendencies and violation of traffic rules areContinue reading “Traffic jams kill our valuable time, do you know about it?”

A book is the symbol of liberty

A book fair is a place where different kinds of books are sold and displayed. It is arranged by book publishers and booksellers every year. A book fair is a source of information. Men, children of all classes gathered at the book fair. Bangla academe organizes a book fair every year on the occasion ofContinue reading “A book is the symbol of liberty”

Passing rates in four major subjects of the students of a school

The pie chart shows the passing rates of the students in a school in four major subjects. It reveals that the rate of mathematics tops the chart with 87% passing. English and Bengal jointly hold the second-highest position in the chart with 2% below the rate than mathematics, the highest rate holding subject. Then comesContinue reading “Passing rates in four major subjects of the students of a school”

Modesty makes us a great person

To make life useful and successful every man should have some Extraordinary qualities. Modesty is one of them. It is a quality that makes Our life valuable and powerful. He seldom faces unacceptable The obstacle in life. He is sure to prosper in life. A man having such quality Leads to a happy and orderlyContinue reading “Modesty makes us a great person”

Pupils interest in different subjects of secondary school

The pie chart shows students from a different school of interest in secondary School in various subjects. It reveals the interest of students Of different subjects. Mathematics has more students interest, the highest Position among the five subjects and it is 36%. 27% of students are interest To study science. 21% of students are interestedContinue reading “Pupils interest in different subjects of secondary school”