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Mobile user in bd; which gives us a steady scenario

In 2001, there were .3o crores mobile users to be.
In 2004, that rose to .60 crores what is steady increasing
Rate. But in 2007, it incredibly rose 3.23 crores which is 4 times more
Than that of 2005. In 2007 and 2012, the number of mobile users was
7.3 crores and 9.2 crores respectively.
At first, citycel operator launched their company in Bangladesh but the company
Continued their businesses at 2o12. It’s a system of running a business is
CDMA where other company introduced GSM technology
That is popular among users. At this time, GP, ROBI, BANGLALINK, AIRTEL,
teletalk continue their business. GP has approximately 5 crore
, ROBI has 1 core, BANGLALINK has .90 crore, airtel has .80 crores users.


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