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Traffic jams kill our valuable time, do you know about it?

A traffic jam is a long line of motor vehicles on the Road. It is a daily affair both in towns and cities in Bangladesh. Population explosions are the prime cause of this Severe problem.

Reckless and careless driving is also a great cause of traffic jam. Overtaking tendencies and violation of traffic rules are also principal causes of this problem. The insufficient number of traffic police is another cause of a traffic jam.

It hampers the normal life of the city dwellers. Traffic jams hamper the studies of the students. It creates a chaotic situation in the street.

It hampers the normal movement of the ambulance and Fire brigade. Students cannot go to school in time because of traffic jam. Even people cannot go to office in time.

To remove the traffic jam, Traffic signals must be improved. Strict traffic rules must be imposed. More traffic police must be employed on the important points.

Spacious  roads must be constructed Public awareness must be raised. So, the government should take necessary steps in this regard. we also should make the people conscious of this regard.


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